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Implants Care
Tuscumbia, AL

An example of a dental implant at Singing River Dentistry in Tuscumbia, ALHave you just received dental implants or wish to get them soon? Implants are a fantastic solution and make your mouth feel whole again, but you must also care for them. Even if you do not know how to care for your implants, you should not worry. Our professional team at Singing River Dentistry can advise you in implant care.

What are Dental Implants?

Implants are teeth that you get placed into your jaw after losing permanent teeth. This is the most important of all of the benefits of implants, to replace them. Right after placement, they will gradually fuse with your jawbone over time.
This process can take a few months or perhaps longer. During this time, you need to take care of your implants not to get them knocked loose. Proper implant care will lead to secure replacement teeth.
Two of the most popular dental implant materials are titanium and zirconia, with the former being more popular. Both are very effective implant materials due to how the jawbone accepts them.

What Should I Do to Take Care of My Implants?

One of the most important things to do during this time is to use a nylon brush. These are soft enough to prevent aggravating your new implants. The nylon tends to be gentle on your sore gums and the area around the implants.
When you get implants, skip the mouthwash and abrasive toothpaste. Try to use gentle cleaners so they will not irritate your mouth. In general, avoid intense flavors.
Flossing every day is also recommended, as it can help clean areas toothbrushes cannot. Plaque tends to accumulate around your new implants, and flossing will ensure your oral hygiene is at a high standard. There are flosses designed for people with implants, making flossing even more worthwhile.
Try to remind yourself to floss regularly. You can set reminders or carry some everywhere, especially after eating foods that are stringy or may get stuck between your teeth.
Some foods you should avoid are sticky and hard products. Sticky foods will be inconvenient to clean, leading to plaque buildup. Hard foods can even dislodge your implants if you ignore them.
You should not eat chewing gum, popcorn, hard biscuits, apples, and steak. People who get implants tend to stick to soft foods such as soups and stews. Macaroni and cheese and eggs are also a favorite.
Abstain from smoking during this time too. Tobacco is prone to slowing down the healing and integration process. You might find it necessary to wait even longer after smoking with implants.
Drinking alcohol is also discouraged, as it can also slow down the integration process. It is in your best interest to abstain from drinks until the implants are more integrated with your mouth.
Every few months, you should get professional cleanings. These can maximize your implants’ lifespan.

Consult Us for Implants

Proper implant care is proven to prevent implant failure. It will save you a lot of money and another round of surgery. Therefore, we recommend you follow these steps to let your implants integrate successfully.
Here at Singing River Dentistry, we are trained to help place implants and provide advice on implant care. You can call us at 256-712-2240 to learn more or schedule an appointment.
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