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Tooth Extraction
Tuscumbia, AL

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One of the most common dental procedures people go through during their lifetime is the extraction of their wisdom teeth. Your wisdom teeth appear quite late in life and as soon as these teeth begin to grow, there are several problems you begin to face. There is no denying that your wisdom teeth can put a lot of pressure on the adjacent teeth in your mouth, thereby causing discomfort and making it difficult for you to eat your favorite foods. Wisdom teeth often cause a lot of pain and the best thing to do is to extract the teeth as soon as they begin to grow. If you are having trouble with your wisdom teeth and you want them extracted, drop in at Singing River Dentistry today so you can learn the various tooth extraction procedures that can help you find relief.

Less Crowding And Better Dental Health

The minute your wisdom teeth start appearing, it puts a lot of pressure on the adjacent molars in your mouth. This often leads to a cluster of teeth that keep coming in the way of each other. Over time the molars start getting affected and it becomes difficult for you to eat from that side of your mouth. Extracting the wisdom teeth enables your molars to function effectively and it does not overcrowd your mouth.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a simple procedure and it does not cause any discomfort when the procedure is done correctly. Ignoring your wisdom teeth and ignoring the problems that they cause could eventually lead to infections that spread to the other teeth as well. Your wisdom teeth will never grow completely and there is no real purpose for the teeth, which is why it makes more sense to get rid of them.

Protect Your Adjacent Teeth

It is not just wisdom teeth that may need to be extracted. When a tooth doesn't grow in properly, it can become very loose and weak. This invites a lot of bacteria and infections and it makes it a breeding ground for these bacteria to thrive. When you ignore extracting a tooth it can cause the infection to continue to spread. This infection eventually eats its way into the adjacent teeth.

If you do not want to suffer from cavities or tooth decay, it makes sense to get rid of the tooth, if it is beyond the point of repair. If you think that extraction is painful then there is no need for you to worry, because this procedure is simple and you can get rid of the problematic tooth in a single visit.

Decrease The Risk Of Oral Infections And Get Better Dental Health

Apart from the fact that your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria, infected teeth can cause additional dental cavities that can spread to your gums and cause various types of gum disease. If you want to make sure that these diseases are kept away from your mouth and you get no inflammation or infection that is difficult to treat, you should give Singing River Dentistry a call today at 256-712-2240 to book an appointment for your tooth extraction. You can also visit the office to learn more about why wisdom tooth extraction is so important.
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