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How Many Dental X-rays Are Safe?

Posted on 4/15/2024 by Weo Admin
patient sitting in a dental chair reviewing an x ray image with his dentistWe must weigh the advantages of obtaining the information we need against the potential risks of radiation exposure. Dental X-rays are safe when using current equipment that reduces radiation and when used only as necessary. Age, oral health, and the reason for the initial X-ray influence the number of dental X-rays considered safe. One X-ray every 24 to 36 months is generally considered safe for persons with good oral health.

Do Dental X-rays Have a Limit?

Cancer of the head and neck region, particularly the thyroid gland, is frequently caused by repeated radiation exposure. When dental X-rays are used appropriately, the radiation exposure is low, and the potential for injury is very minimal. Dentists use lead aprons and thyroid collars to protect other body regions from radiation and reduce potential dangers. As Low as Reasonably Achievable, or ALARA, is another concept they follow, which states that they employ the lowest radiation dose required to get the essential diagnostic data.

How Many Dental X-rays Are Safe to Take?

Your dental health affects the safety of the quantity of X-rays taken. Those whose teeth and gums are healthy can have one every six to eighteen months. However, your dentist will require regular dental X-rays to monitor oral concerns like gum disease or dental decay.

What Is the Safe Radiation Level?

Dental X-rays have a very modest radiation exposure compared to other medical imaging procedures. The effective dose from a dental X-ray is often measured in mSvA, and a single dental X-ray typically is frequently less than 0.01 millisieverts (mSv). Considering this, the yearly average background radiation exposure from natural sources in the US is approximately 3.00 mSv.

When done by suggested recommendations, dental X-rays carry minimal risk. When it comes to sensitive groups like youngsters and expectant mothers, it is imperative to minimize radiation exposure. Radiation is hazardous; no one can dispute that. Ask our dentist how many dental X-rays are safe if you cannot avoid them entirely. Most dental offices take dental X-rays using the appropriate radiation frequency for your safety.

Visit our office today, where our staff takes every safety measure possible for dental X-rays. Head and neck disorders are well-managed by our oral surgeon. For an appointment, get in touch with us.

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