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How Long to Eat After Getting Teeth Cleaned

Posted on 4/1/2024 by Weo Admin
close up of patient's mouth and polisher during a dental cleaningDentists recommend waiting for at least 30 minutes after getting teeth cleaned to eat. This provides time for the fluoride treatment to seal around the teeth.

Why Consider a Dental Cleaning?

Plaque and tartar naturally tend to accumulate on your teeth and gum surface. This debris houses bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum disease. You can remove most of this debris through cleaning and flossing. However, your normal toothbrush and floss will not get to some tight spaces and spots. The only way to remove this tartar is through professional dental cleaning. A dental cleaning not only removes tartar and plaque but also creates an opportunity for protective maintenance of teeth. A dental cleaning is an opportunity for a detailed assessment of your teeth.

When Can You Eat After Teeth Cleaning?

Although dental cleaning techniques differ, it is recommended that you take some time before eating. This small break is time for you to assess your mouth and feel if anything might have gone wrong. There is a risk that the dental scale, electric brush, or other appliance used in dental cleaning might irritate or damage tissue, and this should be brought to the attention of the dentist before you go home. You will also find dental cleaning to be slightly uncomfortable due to jaw and gum tension. Taking a breather to let your body relax is always good. In most cases, the dentist will apply fluoride treatment on your teeth after cleaning. A 30-minute break will let this fluoride treatment settle on teeth. If fluoride treatment is not used, you are free to eat as soon as you are ready.

What to Eat After Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is not a ticket to carefree eating. Even after getting your teeth cleaned, you have to be cautious about what you eat. Consider teeth-friendly foods for dental hygiene. These are low sugar and low acidic, non-staining foods. You need to cut out excessive consumption of cola, coffee, tea, and wine. Also, be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly after each meal.

Closing Remarks

Contact our office to arrange for dental cleaning services. Dental cleaning removes tartar and promotes overall oral health.

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