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How Would I Know if I Am Overbrushing?

Posted on 5/1/2024 by SRD Florence
 female patient brushing teeth gently in the mirrorWe know you want to keep your teeth as blindingly white as possible, as a beautiful smile is a great way to introduce yourself. So many adults are conscious about keeping their teeth white and healthy looking that they may be overdoing their brushing habits. How would you know if you are overbrushing your teeth?

Your Toothbrush Looks Flat

When your kitchen scrub brush begins to wear out, the bristles start to flatten out. You will wear out your scrub brush more quickly if you scrub too hard. The same is true for your toothbrush. When you brush too hard, your toothbrush bristles will begin to flatten out and look more like it has been chewed by the dog. Throw that brush out, and make sure the next toothbrush you buy is labeled as a soft one.

Your Gums Are Bleeding

Usually, your gums bleeding is a sign of the earliest stage of gum disease. However, there are times when your gums may bleed because you are brushing them too hard while you are brushing your teeth. Remember to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush your teeth using gentle, circular strokes. If you have been brushing too hard, your gums will stop bleeding when you switch to gentler brushing techniques.

Your Enamel Changes Color

All of your teeth have a coating of enamel on the outside, with a layer of hard material underneath called the dentin. Your enamel is the hardest substance in your body, but it can be brushed away with hard brushing. There are a couple of ways you can determine if you have brushed your enamel away. First, you may notice that your teeth, especially close to your gumline, are more sensitive to hot and cold foods. Second, you may see that your enamel looks dull or yellow around the gumline. If you are seeing yellow around your gumline, it may be the layer of dentin showing through your tooth enamel.

If you need advice about your brushing technique, let us help. Call our office today to set up your next dental appointment.
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