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What Is a Dental Abscess and Is It Dangerous?

Posted on 11/9/2020 by SRD Florence
What Is a Dental Abscess and Is It Dangerous?A tooth abscess is a tiny pouch filled with pus. These pouches are found around your teeth and are often very painful. Abscess are caused by bacteria, which develop due to improper oral hygiene and dental health. An abscess cannot heal by itself; this is why it needs immediate and proper treatment. If not treated immediately, it can lead to severe oral complications and diseases.

Dangers of Dental Abscess

Most people cannot treat dental abscess because of ignorance, dental anxiety, and financial limitations. You should know that the treatment is worth your time and money since you will avoid the unbearable pain and related oral diseases. It will prevent you from tooth loss. If it is detected early enough, you can keep your tooth because, most of the time, a root canal is always the only choice for dealing with a severe dental abscess. A dental abscess can also rapture soft tissue such as the gum, which is very painful and often results to sinuses. Infected soft tissues are likely to spread the infection, which can end up causing several facial cellulitis complications. An abscess can cause septicemia, which is an infection in the entire bloodstream. A tooth abscess can affect the brain in several ways. Most of the time, you will need hospitalization to get the correct treatment because of the blood-brain barrier.

Abscess Treatment

An abscess is one of the most dangerous situations you would like to avoid. In case you notice any swelling with puss on your gum, visit our office for treatment. It might be a dental abscess, which can result in serious dental complications. Treatment depends on the severity of the inflammation and your previous treatment. Medication and physiotherapy procedures will help speed up the recovery process. Contact our office if you have symptoms of an abscess.
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