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Some Healthy Foods Can Still Be Bad for Your Teeth

Posted on 6/7/2021 by SRD Florence
Some Healthy Foods Can Still Be Bad for Your TeethWhile foods, such as cranberries, citrus, or corn are considered nutritionally rich, they still can create an imbalance in the mouth or lead to tooth damage, Therefore, you need to make a switch nutritionally if you eat some of these foods.

Healthy Foods that Are Not Dental-friendly

Citrus fruits, such a grapefruit and oranges, do contain a good deal of Vitamin C, but so do other foods, such as leafy greens or broccoli. Citrus fruits contain acids, which lead to enamel erosion and decay. If you do eat citrus, rinse you mouth with plain water to neutralize the acid in your mouth. Another food that is not dental-friendly is corn – when it is served on the cob. Not only does the vegetable get stuck between the teeth, eating corn this way can lead, sometimes, to cracks in the teeth or damaged restorations. Popcorn is yet another food that can lead to dental woes and pain. The hulls can get stuck beneath the gums and cause swelling and infections, and therefore can be hard to remove and clean. Another food you should avoid is tomato sauce. Not only is the topping acidic, it also contains sugar, which leads dental decay.

Dental-friendly Foods

Some of the foods that support good dental health include strawberries, cheese, and leafy greens. For example, while strawberries may be somewhat acidic, the malic acid they contain also whitens the teeth and is actually good for your smile. Leafy greens contains essential nutrients and are soft to chew. You can also enjoy better nutrition and reduce your risks of decay by consuming dairy-rich foods, such as cheese or yogurt.

Reviewing Your Dietary Selections

To ensure the health of your teeth and overall health, you need to scrutinize your menu choices. While some foods, such as citrus, certainly contain vitamins that will enhance your health, you can still find foods that are less acidic with the same type of nutrition. Try to veer away from any food that is too acidic and find a healthful food with the same type of nutrition that is more alkaline in character.

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