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How to floss properly step by step

Posted on 2/21/2022 by SRD Florence
How to floss properly step by stepFlossing and brushing are important in ensuring that you have a healthy mouth and teeth. Make it a routine to floss at least twice a day and this will give you that beautiful smile and fresh breath. Flossing is better than using toothpicks for removing food after eating.

Our dental team will teach you how to floss well step by step when you visit us in Florence, AL at Singing River Dentistry.

Steps to follow

Get a dental floss that is about 18-24 inches. Wind most of the floss on your middle fingers and leave about 2 inches that you will floss the teeth with. The floss is to be held tightly with thumbs on the index fingers. You need to place the floss in between the two teeth and glide it up and down as you rub it against each side of the tooth.

Ensure that you do not glide the floss into the gums for this will hurt and bruise the gums. Once the floss reaches the gums curve the floss on the base of the tooth and form a C Shape.

This will let the floss enter into the space that is between the tooth and gums. The step is to be repeated for each tooth and this flossing will remove all the stuck food and particles that are stuck in the teeth.

When to floss

When you floss regularly you will have good oral health and make it a routine to floss the teeth then brush them.

Flossing will remove stuck plaque and tartar in between the teeth. It is advised that you floss first then brush later so those food particles are not left. Brush and floss at least twice a day.

Visit our dental team and you will get guidance on how to floss and brush daily.
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