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Benefits of Dental Implants
Florence, AL

Rendering of jaw with dental implant from Singing River Dentistry in Florence, ALWhen it comes to replacing missing or damaged teeth, dental implants have set a whole new standard for tooth replacement options. Dentures, crowns, and bridges, although good options, come with their own set of reservations, such as slipping, pinching, and difficulty in talking. Dental implants, however, not only restore your smile but also prevent jawbone loss and offer a number of other benefits.

So, what is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small metal post that is fixed in place of your missing tooth/teeth through a minor surgical process. Even though there are other dental implant materials, the small post is usually made of titanium. Since titanium is highly biocompatible, it is left to bond with your jawbone to form a stable and secure foundation for replacement teeth. Once successfully bonded, the implant is topped with a connector known as the abutment, which is then connected to a high-quality, natural-looking replacement tooth.

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Dental Implant Benefits

Here are some of the top benefits of dental implants.

They Look Natural

Innovations in dental technology have made it possible for implants to look just as realistic as your natural teeth. Replacement teeth are tailored specifically according to your existing teeth, ensuring that they easily blend in, making it difficult to even tell them apart.

They are Comfortable

Dental implants are anchored directly into your jawbone to mimic a tooth root and to increase the strength and support for your prosthetic tooth. As the jawbone grows around the titanium post, holding it even more firmly in place, it offers added stability that makes implants feel like natural teeth. Other tooth replacement options can’t mimic the feeling of tooth roots, so they naturally don’t feel as comfortable or as secure as implants.

They Improve the Functionality of Your Mouth

Tooth loss makes it difficult to talk or to eat your favorite foods. Some teeth play an important role in helping us make certain sounds, which means that a few missing teeth can make a huge difference in your speech. Similarly, a few missing molars can compromise your ability to chew foods easily. By seamlessly filling in the gap, just like a normal tooth, implants help restore the functionality of your mouth, which means that you can speak and eat with ease.

Saves You From Embarrassing Slippage

Even though you can come across many high-end aesthetically pleasing dentures today, they tend to fall out when talking, chewing, or laughing. As it binds with your jawbone, an implant becomes a permanent part of your mouth, making it easier to talk, chew, and laugh without worrying about any embarrassing slippage.

Require Minimal Care

Unlike caring for other tooth replacement options, dental implant care is quite simple. You should treat dental implants just like you treat your natural teeth. Brush and floss regularly, use mouthwash, irrigate from time to time, and visit the dentist for regular professional cleanings.

Who is a Candidate for Implants?

Implants are for anyone with missing or damaged teeth. The ideal candidate must have good oral and overall health to undergo dental implant surgery. Moreover, their gums should be free from periodontal disease, and they should have adequate jawbone mass.

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When it comes to replacing missing or damaged teeth, implants have set a new standard for tooth replacement options. Call Singing River Dentistry for more info!
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