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Image of a mouthguard at Singing River Dentistry.Do you wake up with a painful jaw? Or a toothache along with a headache? You may have a medical condition known as bruxism. Individuals with this medical condition end up grinding or clenching their teeth unconsciously while they sleep. If you’re experiencing persistent jaw pain, toothache, or migraine, it's best to schedule an appointment with at Singing River Dentistry.

We recommend a solution for this problem, which is known as a night guard. A dental night guard is a soft dental tool that you can wear inside your mouth throughout the night. Dental night guards are customized and are usually made from clear acrylic plastic material. However, you can also find night guards made from other materials.

With a night guard in your mouth, you can prevent teeth grinding or clenching and avoid all of the possible negative effects of these unconscious behaviors on your oral health.

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Why is Teeth Grinding Bad?

Teeth grinding may be considered a minor inconvenience; however, it is a serious oral health concern that you shouldn't ignore. Extreme cases of this condition can develop more serious dental issues at a younger age and may also require early dentures.

Moreover, in rare cases, persistent teeth grinding can lead to loss of bone around the root of your tooth, tooth cracking, and even loss of a tooth. Furthermore, you may also develop receding gums and jaw joint disorders. Hence, it is best that you schedule a visit with us at least once every six months so our experts can identify any dental concerns in your oral cavity and recommend treatment, such as using a night guard to avoid the problems with your oral cavity.

Teeth Grinding Symptoms

Unfortunately, teeth grinding is a behavior that most people aren’t even conscious of. Moreover, since it occurs while you are sleeping, many people are unaware of the frequency and intensity of their medical condition. However, there are a few symptoms that you may experience, which can be a possible indication of bruxism.

Symptoms include:

•  Toothache

•  Sensitive teeth

•  Cheek bites or sensitivity on cheek tissue

•  Tenderness of the jaw bone

•  Ear pain

•  Aching or swollen face

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If you notice one or more of the following symptoms, it is best to get in touch with at Singing River Dentistry. If our dentists diagnose bruxism, they will recommend custom-made night guards that you can wear while you sleep to sleep better, and your teeth and oral cavity do not experience the negative impacts of teeth grinding.

At Singing River Dentistry, our dentists offer top-quality, customized dental night guards that can fit your unique bite and can be made using different materials, including silicone, acrylic, and vinyl. A customized dental night guard is highly effective, so your teeth do not chip or crack, and your jaw muscles and bone do not experience undue stress.

Contact our office today to learn more about teeth grinding, bruxism, and night guards!

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