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Laser Dentistry
Florence, AL

Dental laser at Singing River Dentistry in Florence, AL 35630-1747When laser dentistry appeared on the commercial market around the 1960s, no one anticipated the sudden growth in its popularity and that it would be a staple in regular dentistry care. The term Laser, or also known as ‘Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation’, has become the current, new procedure for treatment towards different dental conditions. It is offered as a complacent and comfortable means for addressing a number of dental operations and practices that would involve both soft and hard tissue applications, contrary to the typical drills or non-laser devices that were once often used. Here at Singing River Dentistry our dental experts have worked considerable years in the laser dentistry field. Consult with our professionals and see how they can make your pearly whites healthier than ever.

Understanding How It Works

Laser dentistry works with an instrument or probe that creates light energy in the form of a concentrated beam. The laser light creates a reaction when in contact with tissue, which will then either shape or remove the tissue. It is used in an array of given procedures. Pertaining to hard tissue applications, the laser helps address dental hypersensitivity and growth modulations; it is used for bleaching, restorative curing, and cavity detection and preparation. As for soft tissue applications, laser assists with healing wounds, the removal of hyperplastic tissue, crown lengthening, and for treating lesions. Such laser treatments are meant to make such dental operations comfortable, reliant, and cost-effective.

What Types of Lasers Are Used

Depending on the procedure, different lasers can be used accordingly. For example, hard tissue procedures allow for lasers strong enough to cut through tooth structure. Their light wavelengths help absorb the combination of minerals and water that are present in the teeth. These types of lasers are also used regularly in the preparation and the shaping of the teeth, in order to perform dental fillings or for the removal of some tooth structures for procedures like dental implants.

For soft tissue procedures, a handheld diode laser is used and can allow for the absorption of water and hemoglobin proteins. Because of its accurate precision, this type of laser can target affected areas with ease. It can also pose as a less painful and faster healing option as it meticulously seals blood vessels and nerve endings. Similar laser types are commonly used to treat periodontitis, which kill the germ that activates tissue regrowth.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Not only does laser dentistry allow for a comfortable, speedy recovery for dental procedures, it causes less bleeding, soreness, or even swelling. It also poses as a safer, alternative form of treatment than other riskier options like electrosurgical techniques, with less electrical interference. Furthermore, as some procedures are less complicated than others, there may not be any need for anesthetic in some cases, hence, making the operation feel more relaxed and less ‘surgical’. Also, due to the laser’s definitive touch, there will be a less probable chance of damaging surrounding tissue.

Laser dentistry has advanced into such a promising form of technology with many positive advantages. If you think that you might be a possible candidate for laser dentistry, confer with our experts at Singing River Dentistry and give us a call or make a consultation. Our number is 256-712-3549. We are ready and eager to address your questions and educate you more on the growing popularity of laser dentistry.

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Laser dentistry uses a focused beam of light energy to treat hard and soft tissues. Call Singing River Dentistry in Florence to avoid drills and poking!
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