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Diagram of tooth showing tooth root at Singing River Dentistry.The root canal treatment is a treatment used to be able to cure and save an infected or severely carious tooth. During the root canal treatment, our dentists will simply remove the pulp and nerve of a tooth. Subsequently, the inside of the tooth will be cleaned and sealed. It is an essential treatment to be able to save the natural tooth. The best thing is to make an appointment with us at Singing River Dentistry so as to understand if you need this treatment or not.

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What Is a Root Canal?

The "root canal" is the internal cavity which is located in the tooth. Inside there is the pulp, the soft part inside the tooth, and the nerve. Following root canal treatment, both the pulp and the nerve will be extracted and eliminated. However, there is nothing to worry about, because they are not really necessary for the functionality of the tooth.

The absence of the nerve from the tooth, in fact, does not prevent its functioning or health. The nerve, in fact, is strictly necessary only when the tooth is inside of the gum. Once out, the nerve only serves to transmit sensory information of heat and cold. The fact that it is there or not, therefore, will not change anything.

The Need to Remove Infected Tooth Pulp

Problems come when the pulp or nerve of a tooth becomes damaged. This rupture allows a proliferation of bacteria inside the tooth, where the pulp is located. Bacteria, or even decayed debris, can easily cause a tooth infection or abscess (a pocket of pus present at the base of the tooth's roots). An untreated abscess can damage more than just a tooth, so it is a situation you never want to ignore.

If the pulp is not extracted from an infected root canal, there may also be other problems in addition to an abscess. You could face swelling that can also extend to the whole face, neck or head; bone loss at the base of the root; drainage problems to the outside of the root could cause a hole in the side of the tooth with drainage problems in the gums or even in the cheek.

When Do You Need a Root Canal Treatment?

A treatment of this type is usually necessary when you have a broken tooth, when you have a deep cavity in a tooth, or when there are problems from a previous treatment. In some cases, if your teeth are very sensitive to heat or cold, it could be a signal that you need root canal treatment.

Specifically, however, some symptoms that could make you realize that you need this treatment are intense and perennial sensations of heat and cold, pain during chewing, pimples on the gums, swollen gums, or severe tooth decay.

Your Dentist in Florence,AL Does Root Canals!

If you have one of these symptoms, make an appointment with one of our professionals as soon as possible. Contact Singing River Dentistry so we can check if you need root canal treatment. Call us at 256-712-3549.

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Root Canal Florence AL
A root canal treatment is used to save an infected or severely damaged tooth. Our expert dental team in Florence can help you today! Call now!
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