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Digital Radiography
Florence, AL

Dentist from Singing River Dentistry explaining digital x-rayDental health is an important factor in overall self-care and health status, as it can affect self-esteem, healthy eating habits and lifestyle. We believe that one of the most important parts to dental health is to observe both the outside and the inside of the tooth and surrounding structures. One of the ways that we can efficiently and safely monitor your oral health is through the use of digital radiography. This is a modern technique that we are proud to support. We look forward to working with you! Please reach out to us here at Singing River Dentistry, and we will be pleased to assist you in finding answers to your questions.

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Electronic Imaging

Digital radiography is one of the ways we use to help you in the assessment and monitoring of your oral health. A small electronic sensor is placed in the mouth, allowing us to immediately capture data and images and have these relayed to our computers. Our staff is trained to enhance these images as necessary for improved contrast, brightness and quality to ensure that you are getting the most accurate information during your appointment. These images will allow us to observe and monitor the teeth, gums, tongue and subsequent oral structures.

Your images are shared immediately to our system allowing for a streamlined approach to your oral care. These images allow for an expedited diagnosis, increased accuracy with treatment, a decrease in wait time, and improved monitoring of any dental concerns, prior or current. Your images are easily shared with other care providers as necessary, as well as insurance companies as directed. As there is no chemical processing required in the development of these electronic images, we are enthused to say that they are more ecofriendly, in comparison to more antiquated methods.

Intraoral vs. Extraoral Imaging

Digital radiography can be subcategorized into intraoral and extra oral imaging. We are happy to utilize both. Intraoral radiography is used most commonly, as it provides us with the greatest detail. This form of imaging is used to visualize cavities in developing teeth, as well as to observe the teeth and bone health. These types of digital images allow us to visualize a tooth from its crown down to the bone supporting it. This is helpful to our assessment,

Extraoral images are not typically utilized to exam tooth concerns. Instead, they are used to examine and monitor growth, development and concerns in the bones of the jaw, and skull. This allows us to observe and diagnose impacted teeth, any concerns with bite or alignment, as well as blockages or tumors in the salivary glands.

Images taken by our trained professionals provide us with an opportunity to take a unique look at your oral health together. We are not able to only view surface problems, but to see what is happening inside of the tooth, in an efficient and safe manner.

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We realize that any sort of radiographic examination can be cause for concern. We encourage you to speak with one of our professionals here at to ensure that any and all of your questions are answered. If you are looking for other types of cosmetic or restorative services, please contact us. We can be reached at 256-712-3549 and look forward to hearing from you.

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Please reach out to us here at Singing River Dentistry, and we will be pleased to assist you in finding answers to your questions about Digital X-rays.
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