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Implants vs. Dentures
Florence, AL

A woman smiling after receiving dentures at Singing River Dentistry in Florence, ALWhat are the differences between implants and dentures? These two methods of addressing tooth loss are not the same. Both options are valid but address different scenarios.
Here at Singing River Dentistry, we have ample experience and provide only the best dental care. We can help you regain the beautiful smile you always dreamed of having.

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What are Implants?

Implants are posts that are inserted into your jawbone. Following a lengthy recovery period, the implant will integrate with your jaw and hold a replacement tooth. Implants last for a lifetime, and over the years, you may even forget you even had them in the first place.

The implant post will have to integrate with the bone first, acting as a replacement root for the new tooth. After the long wait, our dentist will fit the new tooth, called a crown, to the post. By this time, the bone is secured, allowing the crown to act as your new tooth.

The benefits of implants also include high success rates, easy maintenance, and quick placement. They are popular among patients 55 to 64 years old, but patients of all ages can benefit from them.

After the quick placement and several follow-up appointments, the process will be complete. Since dental implants do not fail often, patients get to enjoy life without fear of losing them. Everyday oral hygiene routines like brushing and flossing are still important, however.

Implants cannot be lost since they bond permanently to your bone structure. They only need to be cleaned through regular brushing and flossing. The dentist who placed it can also perform checkups to ensure they are not damaged or malfunctioning.

Compared to dentures, implants cost more but are very reliable. The patient must also have a healthy jawbone to accept them.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable teeth that fit your mouth no matter how much bone you have left. This makes them great for all patients, especially if their jawbones are weaker and damaged. Dentures need to be replaced and refitted, as your bite will change over time.

When you visit our office, we will obtain a precise measurement of your mouth and jawbone to craft the perfect dentures. Full dentures will contain a complete set of teeth, while partial dentures only have a few teeth for the sections requiring them. It would be best if you cleaned both daily.

Cleaning your dentures consists of brushing your teeth and flossing. However, you must remove the dentures and clean them with special cleansers. A soft toothbrush will help remove debris and weaker stains.

After this, you will usually soak them in a prescribed solution. Unless instructed, you should not do so overnight.

Dentures are a non-permanent solution to tooth loss, though they may fall out of your mouth. There is also the possibility of losing them.

Compared to implants, dentures are cheaper but take more time to maintain.

What Should I Choose?

Our dentist will assess your situation and prescribe you the best choice. As everyone has a different mouth, the solution may differ between patients. Our team at Singing River Dentistry can help you make the right choice. Please reach out to us at 256-712-3549 to schedule an appointment.

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Implants vs. Dentures | Singing River Dentistry | Florence, AL
At Singing River Dentistry, we have experience and provide only the best dental care. A couple of services we offer include dental implants and dentures.
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