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Oral Appliance Therapy For Sleep Apnea

Woman covering ears while husband snoresSleep apnea is a pathological condition that does not bring problems only in terms of tiredness, high blood pressure or even heart or high organ problems (in the long run). It is a condition that can also lead to dental problems, as it is often linked to bruxism, a pathology that causes teeth to grind at night with a series of problems, even very serious ones (also wear and splitting of the teeth). For mild or moderate forms of sleep apnea, our professionals at Singing River Dentistry may suggest oral appliance therapy.

What is Oral Appliance Therapy?

The Oral Appliance Therapy consists in the application during the night of a special dental appliance aesthetically similar to a bite guard. This device is a particular device that slightly advances the jaw and tongue, opening the upper airways more during sleep. Using these nocturnal devices that allow the mandibular advancement (called MAD) increases the air space between the base of the tongue, the soft palate and the posterior wall of the pharynx. In this way, the device prevents the occurrence of sleep apnea episodes.

Furthermore, the oral device used in oral appliance therapy exerts tension on some structures of the palate that stop vibrating, causing the disappearance of the snoring phenomenon and a serious reduction of bruxism. All this, with great relief for your teeth.

There are also universal devices on the market that can be used, but they are not a wise choice. The best thing, for greater comfort and better efficacy of therapy, is to have the oral device for oral appliance made to measure by specialized professionals.

The procedure for the Oral Appliance Therapy

The first thing to do, when you suffer from sleep apnea, is to undergo a special examination (polysomnography) and ask for an initial visit to a doctor who specializes in this type of pathology. Once the exam is performed, the doctor will provide a diagnosis of your disorder, finding out what you are suffering from, and will be able to suggest the various therapies to follow. Many of those who suffer from sleep apnea also suffer from bruxism. It happens often, but not always. In case you suffer from dental problems caused by sleep apnea, then your doctor will most likely advise you to use specific oral devices.

The device for oral appliance therapy will be specially made by our professionals. After taking the impressions of the teeth and the measurements, so as to adapt it perfectly to your mouth, the device will be tailor-made to guarantee you maximum comfort and the greatest possible effectiveness of the therapy.

Thanks to this device, you will not only be able to solve the problem of bruxism in large part or completely, but you will completely solve the problem of sleep apnea. In any case, if you want to know how much such a device costs or if you need it, you just have to call us at and reach us here at Singing River Dentistry.
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