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Sports Mouthguards
Florence, AL

Sweaty boy with mouth guard in his mouth.Whether it is football, basketball, soccer, boxing, or even mountain biking, a mouthguard will be your safest bet and the best choice of protection while playing recreational or competitive, high impact sports. Ultimately, such sports or similar activities can pose the risk of potential permanent facial injuries or damage. So, what better way to reduce orofacial injuries than with a sturdy made mouthguard. Consult with our oral health care professionals at Singing River Dentistry on the best options and choices for the right and effective sports mouthguard to suit your needs.

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How Do Sports Mouthguards Work?

A sports mouthguard is a device worn over the teeth to safeguard them from any sudden hits or trauma to the face or head. It is designed to typically cover the upper and lower teeth. It is possible for them to be worn with dental bridges, braces, or other fixed dental appliances with the aid of a mouth protector. A mouthguard’s primary purpose is to protect, and hence, it is recommended that one is worn at all times during competitions and even practices. The mouthguard is one of the most important pieces of athletic equipment that you will own. Nobody wants a fractured tooth, bleeding gums, or worse. Dental injuries are such a critical factor that if left untreated it can lead to further complications and serious, deadly infections.

The Types of Sports Mouthguards

While all mouthguards should be tear resistant, flexible, easy to clean, and most importantly comfortable, they are created to fit securely and should not interfere with speaking or breathing. The three main types of mouthguards available are the ready-made or stock mouthguards, the custom-made mouthguards, and the mouth-formed ‘boil and bite’ mouthguards. Each product type varies in price and level of comfort and durability.

Today, most mouthguards are designed in festive, decorative colors and patterns to attract all age groups, as well as levels of athletic players, from amateurs to professional athletes. For example, professional sports mouthguard gear would be standardized or technically approved to meet NBA, MMA, or NFHS technology and product specifications.

Interestingly, some model types come with flavored mouthguards catered to younger sport enthusiasts or hobbyists. Some flavors include bubble gum, fruit punch, cherry, and more.

How Long Do Sports Mouthguards Last?

In most instances, mouthguards should preferably be replaced after each playing season or at least every six months due to wear and tear over time, since this makes the device less efficient for use. Adolescents should be mindful to change theirs even more regularly as their teeth are still maturing into adulthood.

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If you are thinking of having your sports mouthguard replaced or would like to look into the options of finding out which sports mouthguard would better suit your needs, give our professionals here at Singing River Dentistry a call and ask them. Consult with one of the experts here and let us discuss with you on your potential options. Our number is 256-712-3549 and we are here, prepared and ready to answer any question that you may have. Remember that a damaged tooth may not grow back, but with one call, you can protect your perfect smile.

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